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Changing the World from Bologna

I have been discharging fear for four months . . . I am a scared man . . . sono un uomo terrorizzato. I understood that I was by myself for the first time at elementary school. I was scared of the other children. I didn't have the teacher's support. So I was alone from 8:00 in the morning till 5:00 in the afternoon. In that period my mother started working again, so she was less available than before. I tried to be invisible to avoid other children's threats and violence. I felt powerless. Now I have a lot of allies all over Europe.

You should know that I taught a fundamentals class last year. Before that I taught RC to a friend of mine, Greta. Then I taught RC to another young person, Chiara, who will be very important for me because she studies with me in Bologna. She is my only Co-Counselor, but not for long because in November I'll start a fundamentals class in Bologna.

In April I led a workshop with Ilaria about sexism. I did my best and I think it could have been better, but it was good. Then in May I went to Firenze for one day to support Enrico. Our relation is increasing, but the distance is a problem. In July I led a one-day group about the oppression of young people with the Italian young people. There wasn't the whole group, but it was great. I think that people who didn't know me now can trust me. I'm very proud of my leadership of that day.

I was also at the owning-class workshop led by Jo Saunders and at Budapest with Jenny Sazama. This summer I went to Timisoara in Romania. There I saw Co-Counsellors that I had met in Budapest. It was very important. We did some sessions and a support group. I led it. I discharged the embarrassment of being there with a sum of money (600 dollars) that was a whole year's salary for a Romanian working-class person. It's important for me to be close to them. Now I want also to start a support group for students. I'd like to see you soon. I know you are working hard to change the world. I'm feeling close you; I'm changing the world too!

Bologna, Italy

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