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Making Things Better

We have the power to make everything around us "go well." I have often felt "upset" (been restimulated) by other people not carrying through with what I expected they were supposed to do. I would become angry that they "failed me," or "let me down." But a new perspective brought about by counseling has enabled me to see things differently.

I have the power to make things "go right." If someone is too distressed to do his or her part of the project to my satisfaction, I can step in, put my distress recordings aside for the moment, and see that it gets done. Later I can discharge about my doing what I wanted the other person to do and on my feelings about him or her "failing me." By doing this I am taking care of my universe and seeing that everything goes well.

From now on, I will remember this whenever I am experiencing restimulation of old distress recordings. I will keep my attention out and see how I can make the situation better.

Penell Colodny
Levittown, Pennsylvania, USA

reprinted from the September 1995 issue of Zest Quest,
the newsletter of the RC Community of Bucks-Mont., N.E.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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