Getting to Know RC and RCers at the Forum

How are you all, since the NGO Forum in Huairou? I'm so grateful to you for sending me the significant magazine-the special issue of Present Time-which drew me back to "those ten days" and offered me such a rare opportunity to learn more about Co-Counseling. You know, those memories of the Women's Conference are my 1995 highlights, while getting to know the idea of Co-Counseling and those wonderful RC people are my highlights of the Conference. These have opened up a new world for me. I read those materials again and again. I introduced them to my friends who immediately got interested in Co-Counseling, and we are planning to form a group. The magic of Co-Counseling does work. May this magic some day change this world and restore it to a place full of peace and love! If possible, I'd like to have some more information on the practice of Co-Counseling. See, I'm already on board.

Ren Kai (Benjamin)
Beijing, China

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