Present Time No. 102

(Vol. 28 No. 1) January 1996


It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare. It is because we do not dare that things seem difficult.  


Table of Contents


  1. Parenting as the Road to Leadership Skills
  2. The Challenge of Opening a New Frontier
  3. Advanced Work on Building Alliances Between Groups


  1. From Fear to Exhilaration: Finding Male Allies in Prison
  2. "Pride"
  3. Working Back to Inclusion of Everybody: The Details
  4. Interrupting All Oppressions and Patterns
  5. What Has Been Your Experience of Being a Catholic? -
    An Appeal for Material for a New RC Catholic Liberation Journal
  6. Looking At How Oppression Is Enforced
  7. A Poem
  8. Refuse to Tolerate Scapegoating of Any Group
  9. Workshop for Scots
  10. Building Men into the Center of RC
  11. European Help in Ending Internalized Oppression of USers
  12. Ending Silence About Oppression
  13. Rough Notes--Managers' Workshop
    Littleton, Massachusetts, USA, June 3,1995
  14. Was It Always This Purple?

Reports on Beijing

  1. A Letter from a Chinese Volunteer at the NGO Forum on Women
  2. Beijing Workshop on Economic Development in the Exploited SouthernCountries of the World
  3. From Maine, USA to Beijing
  4. Surrounded by People of Goodwill
  5. Getting to Know RC and RCers at the Forum
  6. The African Presence in Beijing
  7. Just Because
  8. Young Women and Young Adult Women in Huairou
  9. Report on the Official United Nations Women's Conference in Beijing

Counseling Practice

  1. A General Contradiction (Possibly) for Any Distress
  2. "Special Time" Benefits the Attention-Giver, Too
  3. Family Support Groups
  4. Lost and Found
  5. Men Asking Each Other for Help
  6. Making Things Better
  7. Counseling on Integrity and Courage
  8. Some Results of Acting Powerfully
  9. Snow Storm
  10. Shedding Fear While Rock-Climbing
  11. A Father's View

Community Building

  1. Growth in Argentina
  2. Magic Moments
  3. Informe del Taller Regional para Instructores, Ayudantes y Líderesdel Estado Español
  4. Japanese Heritage RCers
  5. Naturalized RC in Armenia
  6. "Things are going well in Cape Town"
  7. Reaching Out to Men and Maori People
  8. "Janie Appleseeds"
  9. Becoming Rational about "Money"
  10. Native "Gifts"


  1. Counseling on "Gay" Distress
  2. An Open Letter to My Fellow Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Co-Counselors
  3. Some Thoughts on the RC Gay Policy
  4. Working on the Policy about Gayness
  5. A Poem
  6. Handling Restimulations About Gay Policy in Co-Counseling
  7. Abusers and "Liberals" Are Both Harmful
  8. Tackling the RC Gay Policy in Our Counseling


  1. Computers and Distress

From the Mail

  1. A Fulfilling Working-Class Life
  2. New Contacts in Cuba
  3. I Am Iranian
  4. Applying Decisive Ideas Boldly
  5. A Ritual Completed . . .
  6. Breaking Through Nationality Barriers
  7. Changing the World from Bologna
  8. Organizing in the Middle Americas
  9. Emerging from a Boyhood of VIolence
  10. ¿Somos Lederes? ¡Veridad!
  11. A Constant Process
  12. Discharging Male Oppression
  13. Clear and Explicit Leadership
  14. Reaching Out and Getting Started
  15. A Doctor with Initiative
  16. No Goal Too High
  17. Dream Fulfillment
  18. Thank You, Izhak Rabin
  19. Song for Peace
  20. Classist Economic Oppression Grinding In

Questions and Answers

  1. What Do We Mean by Relationships
  2. Sleeping & Dreaming
  3. Complete Re-emergence?
  4. Called to Be
  5. Turning a Situation Around Using RC

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