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Climate Change & Climate Science
Diane Shisk &
Janet Kabue
January 20 & 21


January 18, 2022

Dear Co-Counselors,

The struggle between the unthinking evolutionary forces of COVID and human intelligence continues.  COVID continues to have enough bodies to replicate in that it continues to develop new variants, some of which make the leap from person to person with extreme ease.  I have no doubt that humans will continue figuring out ways to respond and will eventually minimize the danger presented in this pandemic, but I don’t think we’ve reached that point just yet.  

Because of this, we are going to be holding all of this year's Pre-World Conferences and the World Conference online.  In my judgment it remains clear that only in the most unusual and well-protected circumstances does it make sense for groups of RCers to get together.  So, I request that we continue to not have such gatherings in our RC Communities across the world.  If you feel your circumstance is exceptional enough for something else to be considered, please communicate with me first.  

Each of us does this to both protect ourselves and the people in our lives, including those in the RC Community. This is burdensome and not at all easy and we lose the very valuable contradiction of being with someone in person as they think about us.  Thanks to the level of electronic communication and its wide availability we are still able to move ahead with liberating our minds from the grip of distress.  We will continue to learn to use these avenues more and more effectively and we’ll use them even after we get back together so that we will have made important gains by the end of this struggle.  

Part of the difficulty we face is that we are living at a time when our societies are dominated by large institutions that often cannot be fully honest, and are often motivated by greed and power more than anything else.  Being aware of this means that we have to both consider the effects of these conditions and discharge on the restimulations they cause in us.  These forces influence the solutions found and put forward by our societies. These solutions must be evaluated with this in mind.  And, human intelligence still can function in these societies and can still develop useful and important solutions.  

After weighing all of these things and looking at many alternatives not posed by large drug companies, it appears to me that we would have lost many more millions of people without the vaccinations that have been developed and that the number we will lose in the future will be lessened to the extent that people become vaccinated.  

With love and appreciation,


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