Next Steps with COVID

Dear members of the RC Community,

I greatly appreciate what you have done in response to the conditions created by the COVID pandemic.  Members of our Communities across the world have taken large and important steps to limit the spread of this virus.  This has required significant changes in the way we live. People have used many sessions to discharge the feelings and confusions that have been restimulated.  They then thought and took effective actions.  This has helped to benefit ourselves, the people we know and care about, and everyone else.  Thank you.  

There are still many places in the world where the number of infections from the virus is growing rapidly.  Part of this is simply the spread of the virus across the world.  It seems unlikely that any place is isolated enough that they will be unaffected.  

It seems like there are months of this yet to come.  

The governmental handling of the situation created by this virus has varied tremendously across the world.  Some governmental bodies have openly recognized the harsh realities of our current situation and some have not.  All of these governments are constantly being pressured by individuals and groups that profit from the usual functioning of our economic systems and whose profits are threatened when there are fewer and fewer people working for them, especially fewer working in the factories that produce the goods our lives are built on.  This pressure and all the connected restimulations distorts governmental policies by making the actual welfare of the people less important.  

Because of these distortions, it is very important that no one thoughtlessly accept the policies being handed out.  This is a period where it is especially important that each of us get real, factual information about our situations, discharge on our restimulations about the situation, hear each other’s thoughts about handling the situation, and decide our own course forward.  As many times before, those of us who work to have our own minds may find that we choose a path that doesn’t match what is being promoted by our governments and other institutions.

Almost all of us remain vulnerable to this virus.  That has not changed and will not change in the near future.  We do not get less vulnerable by avoiding the virus longer.  We do slowly and steadily learn more about the virus, about how one acquires it, about its effect on human bodies, and how better to treat those who are deeply affected.  But we all remain very vulnerable and unable to know which of us would be most seriously affected if they acquired the virus.  It is still clearly true that our most effective way forward is to deny the virus the opportunity to spread to more people.  It is also clear that social isolation is the most effective way to keep the virus from spreading.  

Given this situation each of us needs to make our own decisions in concert with those around us.  Each of us needs to actively undertake making these decisions, beginning now.  Please use all the resources available to you: factual, discharging in sessions, and hearing each other’s minds (online think and listens?), in this process.

Here within the RC Community, all of our work and communications is no longer in person.  All of us who work for RCCR are working from home and expect to be doing this for many months yet.  We have cancelled in-person workshops for the last couple of months and I do not see any way in which we could have in-person workshops again until at least well into the fourth quarter of the year.  Most scheduled workshops are being reorganized to be Zoom workshops, which have been very effective.  (There are a vast number of RC classes being held online and many people who before could not become part of RC classes are now about to join online classes.)  There are many steps forward we can take during these challenging times. 
I look forward to us creatively moving forward together to significantly change society in this time of unexpected challenge and opportunity.  

With love and appreciation,


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