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Climate Change & Climate Science
Diane Shisk &
Janet Kabue
January 20 & 21

Moving Onward

Dear RCers,

While COVID-19 continues its spread across the world, and the number of fatalities is still increasing, there are clear indications that the steps being taken by people to dampen the spread of the virus are becoming effective.  People in RC have communicated many of the things they have undertaken to control this spread and there are not yet many reports of RCers coming down with the virus.  I still think that it is likely that many of us will at some point become infected with the virus, but the work of slowing down the spread in order to protect humans and conserve medical resources for the most needy is important and has been effective.  

I congratulate you all on being able to think your way through whatever restimulations have occurred to take effective steps.  

These measures of course must continue for weeks and perhaps several months.  This will create new situations and circumstances and cause difficulties in addition to those that have shown up already.  These will be bigger challenges and these will illuminate the shortcomings of our societies ever more fully.  Though these difficulties may burden us and most of the people in the world, it has been only during challenges this large that societies have had to change.  We want to keep this in mind and use the opportunities that are being created for people to consider policies and actions that seemed too large before.  We can, through sessions, support groups, workshops, and think-and-listens, move ourselves through the distresses that have slowed us down thus far, so that we can play larger and more active roles in helping people think, understand, and make decisions for their own futures, perhaps aided by a bit of discharge.  

There has been an amazing amount of RC done using the web since this situation began developing.  Apparently, this clearly challenging situation, and the work we have done before, have made it possible for us to decide that we are connected. Our seeing each other’s images and hearing each other’s voices, even though we are many, many miles apart, is now enough for us to know we are connected to each other. We are ever more clearly allied together in this work to save the environment and create societies that benefit everyone.  

I’m very pleased that we are part of this effort together and I look forward to finding out how much we can do.  


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