Covid again, and again, and again

Dear RCers, 

The COVID pandemic stays with us and because of oppressions and inequities and many irrationalities we are likely to have it with us for a significant time yet.  It is infecting significant numbers of us still, and it is a large enough collection of  us that it will continue to have the opportunity to mutate and some of those mutations will be more infectious and maybe more dangerous.  The most recent variant, Omicron, is clearly very, very infectious.  To protect ourselves, others, and to lessen the opportunity for continued mutation, we need to once more be very careful, with masking and distancing.  This variant appears to not be as deadly as some others, which is fortunate.  But we still need to keep it from spreading to less the chances of further mutation. 

Even though the immediate dangers are not as large, the long term solution to this pandemic remains as important.  Please get another session on your related material.  Think about what is best for you to do (vaccination, booster, masking, increased distancing, living alone on a mountain top) and do it as consistently as you can.  

With love and appreciation,


Last modified: 2021-12-10 01:11:27+00