A While Longer

Dear RCers,

The coronavirus continues to spread, creating increasing difficulty, illness, and death, in all parts of the world. The regions that have had COVID19 the longest are engaged in figuring out how people can have safe, non-isolated, and productive lives given the ongoing prevalence of the coronavirus. The shortcomings of our systems are being illuminated once again.

RC Communities across the world have responded intelligently and well.  Each is figuring out how best to use the existing electronic forms of communication available to them.  It is difficult to predict what RC activities will be possible in the next several months.  At least until the end of June, I request that there be no in-person group RC activities anywhere in the world.  There are few circumstances where in-person sessions are rational. I think this needs to be our commitment to help gain control over the spread of this virus.  

If anyone thinks that their particular local circumstance supports a modification of this, please contact me well beforehand.

We may well need to stay this separate for several months longer and there may be variations in what is possible depending on one’s location.  Certainly, we will not be traveling long distances to be with others for a significant length of time.  

Thank you for helping keep each other safe and thank you for finding ways to build contact and connection in this new situation.  

With love and appreciation,


Last modified: 2022-10-21 03:42:36+00