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Electronic Mailing Lists  

The RC Community maintains many electronic mailing lists for particular categories of RCers. These lists are for active members of the RC Community and most of them are for leaders. You can see a list of these lists at the Full List of Electronic Mailing Lists. Be sure to sure check out Guidelines for the Use of Electronic Mailing Lists as well.

Table of Contents

Requirements for Subscribing



Changing your Email Address

Posting Anonymously

Accessing Archives

Changing your Subscription Settings


  1. You are an RC Community Members in good standing. For this purpose, Community Members in good standing are those Co-Counselors who participate regularly in RC classes and workshops, who make tangible contributions to the RC community, and who are in good contact with RC leadership. (Note that this does not include other 'peer counseling' groups. These lists are specifically for members of the Re-evaluation Counseling Communities.)
  2. You agree to follow the Guidelines of the International Re-evaluation Counseling Communities. A hard copy of this document can be ordered from Rational Island Publishers. You can also find it on the RC website.
  3. You are a member of the constituency that the specific list is set up for. For details, please see the Summary for the list online. This will show when you click on the list.
  4. You agree to follow the List Guidelines.
  5. You are knowledgeable of the RC theory and practice and you regularly read Present Time, the RC quarterly journal.
  6. You agree to treat all list members with respect, not to use the list as an opportunity to inappropriately take the role of client, and to think well before posting to the list, taking session time, if needed, to gain clarity.
  7. You agree to refrain from posting anything to the list that is not RC-related or outside the specific scope of the list (e.g., advertising, discussion of non-RC theory and methods, unrelated wide-world advocacy, etc.).
  8. You agree to accept the authority of the Internet Reference Person when there is a conflict on policy or process.


  1. Make sure you have a subscription to Present Time if you are a fluent reader of English. (If you are a fluent reader of English, part of being an active member of the RC Community is subscribing to Present Time.) For the Community Members list, you must have a recommendation from an Area or Regional Reference Person.  For additional requirements, please see below.
  2. Set up an account at the list website if you don’t already have one. Please note: Even if you don't have an account, you may already have been subscribed to some lists in the past, but you can control your subscription settings only if you have set up an account, and only you would have created such an account. The server will ask you for a user name, your preferred email address and a password.
  3. After you sign up for an account, you will receive an email to verify your email address. Be sure to look for it in your junk folder if you don’t see it after some time. If you can't find it anywhere, please contact the list admin at When your email address has been verified, the account is created.
  4. Once you have an account, go back to the list website and log in with your account information. Then click on the list you would you would like to subscribe to, and enter your email address.
  5. After some time you will get an email from the list moderator with some questions to get to know you better and to get your contact information. Please complete and send that back to the moderator and copy It may take some days for the list moderator to get back to you, please be patient. If it takes too long, please contact the list moderator.
  6. You will get a confirmation email when you are successfully subscribed.  Keep this email.  You will be expected to use your account to make changes to your electronic mailing list subscriptions. If you need help, there is a ‘help’ list where subscribers can help each other. Please subscribe to that list. If you have questions, please check there first for an answer. If you find nothing useful to your issue, please post a question. Beyond that, you can ask the list administrator for help at

Note: even if you are currently subscribed to one or more lists, you may not have an account at the list website. The list administrator may have subscribed you when we updated the list server. Only you can create an account.


Log in to your account at the list website, select the list you want to unsubscribe from, then click on 'Unsubscribe'.  Alternatively, please note that each message you get from the list has a link at the bottom that lets you unsubscribe.


Log in to your account at the list website. After logging in, go to 'Account' - an option in the menu under your name in the upper right corner. Then click on 'E-mail Addresses' and add the new address and set it as your primary address.

When it's been verified, click on 'Manage Lists' at the top. For each list you are a member of (click on the list), go to 'your list options page.' You can find the link in the paragraph under the 'Subscription/Unsubscription' header on the list page.

Select your new email for the subscription and press the button that says 'Change email used for subscription.' You can remove the old address later when you are sure it all works, but you don't have to.


When we send messages to the RC lists, we sometimes find it necessary to mention private information about us, our friends or family members. In doing so, we need to be aware that email should be thought of as public information, because it is sent to upwards of 1000+ list members and gets stored on their computers or on mail servers. 

We have implemented this mechanism where we allow such messages to be posted from a special account, You send the message to the list administrator at The list administrator strips it of identifying information and posts it from the anonymous account. The 'anonymous' account is, in turn, moderated, so each message gets looked at again before it gets sent out. So far the list administrator has done this second check, but the list moderators can elect to do that instead, so that a different pair of eyes will be involved (to minimize the risk of mistakes).

Some time ago, we started moderating the parents list because a lot of the messages there are often about our young charges, and we did not want those messages to come back to them later. Since then we have requested that a lot of messages caught in this net instead be sent out anonymously and the senders have always agreed and appreciated it when we explained why.

Incoming messages sent to are not monitored, so if you reply to anonymous messages sent from that account, your reply will not be read! To send a message to the author of an anonymous message you need to send it to the list. Of course, as needed, your reply can also be sent anonymously using the above mechanism. You can also send a public message to the list and ask the anonymous sender to contact you if you like to have a conversation.


Log in to your account and click on the list you are interested in. There you will see a link to 'Archives.' It will show recent messages and you can also search for past messages. If you like, you can respond to old threads or create new ones right from this page.


Log in to your account and click on the list you want to access. There you will see a link to 'Manage Subscription.' You will see a list of options which you can change. They don't show the current settings if you have not changed them from the list default settings, but you can override the default settings as you wish.


  • If you go on vacation, you can stop messages from this list.
  • If you have registered more than one email address for your account, you can choose which one to use for this list.
  • If your subscription address is a gmail address, you will not receive the messages that you send out. Google deletes them. There is a setting here that lets the server send you an acknowledgment when you post a message, so you can know that your message has been received and sent out.

Last modified: 2024-05-23 08:46:51+00