Note III. Avoiding National Structures

The boundaries of a Re-evaluation Counseling (RC) Region may occasionally align with the boundaries of a nation state. But, in general, we have tried to avoid national structures within the RC Community. This is because “nations” have been used to justify oppression and alienate groups of people from each other.

“National patriotisms” and the distress patterns attached to them have been installed relentlessly in every nation. They have been used to provoke and justify wars and the profits made from them by the ruling classes.[181]  

Since the beginning of our Community, we have taken a worldwide approach. We have insisted that no humans anywhere have any rational conflicts of interest with any other humans. We have insisted that “all men are sisters.”[182] We have worked persistently for close friendship and cooperation among all Co-Counselors everywhere in the world. This perspective provides a model of a real and ongoing effort to build human solidarity worldwide. Thus, a Region often includes several countries, states, or provinces. It often includes one metropolis and its surrounding territory. Some Regions consist of parts of one country, state, province, or metropolis. Where a Region’s boundaries coincide with a nation, state, province, or metropolis, it is a matter of convenience. It is never intended to divide the Community along “national” or other lines. On the other hand, boundaries can help us identify and support nations that have been obscured by imperialism.


[181] Though the eventual aim is to be free of distresses relating to national identity, each person must reclaim full pride in their nationality as a step on the way to full liberation as a human being. Something similar is true for all identities. It is also important to oppose imperialism and support efforts for national unity and independence, as a step toward ending class oppression.

[182] This quote from Harvey Jackins summarizes his commitment to building unity. See The List, page 177: “It is possible to build a fellowship, sisterhood, or community of the people who take responsibility for the use of Re-evaluation Counseling insights; who are concerned for the re-emergence of all the peoples of the world, for the liberation of all people from all oppressions, and for the achievement of a rational, cooperative, peaceful, non-exploitative society.”

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