K.5. Handling of Personal and Sensitive Data by Organizers and Co-Counselors

Personal and sensitive data collected by an organizer of an RC event is vulnerable to being misused. (Personal data includes name, email address, phone number, and social media IDs. Sensitive data includes physical address, birthdate, constituency data, special needs and diet data, language data, financial data, and similar information.)

Organizers and Co-Counselors who are in possession of this data are expected to comply with the procedures listed below, along with any local or national laws concerning the handling of personal and sensitive data. Also, Co-Counselors who submit data are giving consent for its use only when that use complies with the following procedures:

  1. Access to the data is limited to the organizing team who agree to follow the Guidelines.
  2. The data is kept secure and private by (1) maintaining it on the RC website or storing it on a local disk or server in encrypted files, and (2) accessing and using it only for its intended purpose.
  3. Collected data is kept only for as long as necessary.
  4. Sensitive data is destroyed within six months after the event.
  5. When personal or sensitive data is shared with the staff of a workshop site, the staff erases it all after the event.

Co-Counselors’ personal data, but not sensitive data except physical address, is imported into the RC Community’s secure records before it is deleted from the RC website. These secure records are used only to support the administrative work of the RC Community (for example, literature sales outreach, maintaining lists of leaders).

Co-Counselors may retain only contact information of other Co-Counselors (name, email addresses, social media addresses, and telephone numbers) but should not make this data available to others. Sensitive data should not be retained.

Contact information collected when people attend RC public events (such those put on by Sustaining All Life, United to End Racism, No Limits for Women, and Jews and Allies United to End Antisemitism) are imported into our mailing list only with the consent of the individuals. After one year all data is deleted from everywhere except the mailing list. Also, during that year the data is only used for inviting people to join the mailing list and for announcing upcoming public events. 

Each mailing sent to a mailing list includes an “unsubscribe” notice explaining how to be removed from that list.


We need to protect personal and sensitive data from misuse and unauthorized dissemination and inform those handling such data of our policies. 

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