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Diane Shisk &
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January 20 & 21


H.11. Leaders' and Organizers' Fees, and Expenses

Leader’s Fee

The basic pay for a workshop leader is not to exceed these amounts:

  1. IRP and Alternate International Reference Person (AIRP), $850 USD/day
  2. RRP, International Liberation Reference Person (ILRP), or International Commonality Reference Person (ICRP), $450 USD/day
  3. ARP, $350 USD/day
  4. RC teacher, $250 USD/day
  5. Each family workshop leader (maximum of two), $450 USD/day, regardless of position held within the RC Community
  6. Former IRP and AIRP, $650 USD/day, with the approval of the IRP
  7. Former RRP, ILRP, or ICRP, $350 USD/day, with the approval of the IRP
  8. Former ARP, $300 USD/day, with the approval of the RRP

A Friday evening to Sunday afternoon workshop counts as two days. Leading an RC activity for more than four (4) hours is considered a full day. Four hours or less is considered a half day. Leaders may be paid up to one half of the above fees for a gather-in of less than one day (four [4] hours or less). A leader’s travel expenses are considered workshop expenses.

Except for family workshops, if a workshop has two (2) leaders, the leaders share one fee unless the IRP grants permission for two (2) leaders’ fees.

Considering Local Economies in Setting a Leader’s Fee

Lower leaders’ fees may be negotiated in consideration of local economies. As much as possible, fees should reflect the economic situation in the Community where the workshop is held. Leaders are encouraged to consider the disparities in the world economy and reduce their fees in Communities with less material resource. Also, leaders who live and lead in countries with a lower cost of living should consider a fee that reflects their local economy.

Organizer’s and Technology (Tech) Leader’s Fee

The organizer and tech leader (for online workshops) shall each be paid a fee. The organizer’s fee (for all workshops) is not to exceed 30% of one leader’s total workshop fee. The tech leader’s fee (for an online workshop)  is not to exceed 20% of one leader’s workshop fee. As additional compensation, the organizer and tech leader also attend the workshop without paying. The organizer’s and tech leader’s travel expenses are not covered as a workshop expense.[124]


Leaders’, organizers’, and tech leaders’ fees are set to reasonably pay leaders, organizers, and tech leaders for their work. They are not a salary. They are paid because of the time, labor, and skill needed to lead and organize a workshop and the responsibility a leader takes for the Community in their role. Also, leaders often lose income from prioritizing the RC Community over other types of work.

Our Communities exist in many parts of the world and have differing economic conditions. We want to make our workshops accessible to people of all incomes, nationalities, and backgrounds.


[124] Not covering the organizer’s travel expenses encourages leaders to use local organizers and reduces the cost of the workshop.

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