G.9.  Conferences

Pre-World and World Conferences

Every four years at least one Pre-World Conference is to be held on each continent. It is to be attended by representatives of the Regions and liberation and commonality constituencies of that continent, the IRP, the Alternate International Reference Person (AIRP), and invited representatives of special groups of Co-Counselors.

After all the Pre-World Conferences, a World Conference is to be held in the same or the following year. It is to be attended by some of the leaders who were at the Pre-World Conferences, the IRP, and the AIRP.

The World Conference sets long-range goals, revises the Guidelines (as needed), discusses International RC policy, and allows for exchange of information. These activities are not limited to this meeting. The IRP and AIRP undertake self-estimation (see Note II. Self-Estimation [printed version page 100]) in the presence of the World Conference, and the World Conference participants either confirm or replace them in their roles.

Regional Reference Persons’, International Liberation Reference Persons’, and International Commonality Reference Persons’ Meetings

The RRPs are expected to meet at least once between World Conferences to discuss policies and organization for their Regions. The ILRPs and ICRPs are also expected to meet together at least once between World Conferences, for the same purpose.


Those who are taking the most responsibility should meet to examine the Community’s functioning and to make long-range plans. They will communicate about their decisions and take the planned actions in their constituencies.

Self-estimation helps leaders be accountable to the Community. It is a self-correcting way for leadership to move forward. It encourages leaders to be responsible to the intelligence of the entire Community. It encourages everyone to take a responsible attitude toward leaders.

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