F.2. Draft Liberation Policies

Re-evaluation Counseling theory and practice develop as we apply them to all issues facing humanity. We encourage every group to develop a “draft liberation policy statement” that is their best thinking about the liberation of their group and offers guidance to their allies. Draft liberation policy statements guide liberation work in the RC Community.

Groups develop their draft policy statements in consultation with the International Reference Person (IRP).

RC draft policy statements do not tell Co-Counselors what to think or do and are not binding. Their purpose is to promote discussion and discharge.

Our liberation policy statements are always draft statements. They are revised with more discharge, information, thinking, and experience in applying them. (Members of the Re-evaluation Counseling Community are only required to use RC to recover access to their occluded intelligence and to help others do the same.) [83]


It is re-emergent to think about everything and to use our best thinking to guide our actions.


[83] Community members are also required to follow the Guidelines and support their use.

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