D.4. Maintaining the Uniqueness and Consistency of RC Theory

RC classes, support groups, and workshops are about the theory and practice of Re-evaluation Counseling, not other theories of human behavior. RC teachers are required to base RC classes, support groups and workshops on RC literature, theory, and practice.

RC is different from therapy, “human growth,” and “mental health,” psychological, or professional counseling. RC classes, workshops, and other activities should not be presented as or be held in places where people will confuse RC with these other practices.

In addition, RC teachers, in their RC leadership activities, should not import concepts that are not consistent with RC. Teachers who mix RC with theories and practices that are not consistent with it may not offer to teach or claim they are teaching RC. Disputes will be resolved by the IRP.


It is important that people come to understand RC for what it is—a logically consistent, unique system of thought and practice about the natural healing process that each human possesses—and not confuse it with any other systems, including the “mental health” system. RC teachers are expected to keep their chronic patterns from diluting or degrading the theory and practice of RC. While we recognize that RC is influenced by our individual experiences, social movements, and important thinking outside of RC, concepts that are brought into RC are not to be automatically accepted.  They must always be examined and discharged on to ensure that they are consistent with our theory.


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