O.1. Handling Disruptions in the RC Community

We are committed to maintaining good communication and thoughtful relationships between and among all Co-Counselors. We encourage Co-Counselors to use the processes in Guideline M.5. Handling Oppressor Patterns, including Sexual Misconduct, and Addressing Mistakes, Disagreements, and Criticism, to address the acting out of oppressor patterns, sexual misconduct, disagreements, mistakes, criticisms, and upsets. We expect RC leaders to support Co-Counselors who raise issues and concerns, and to consult the Co-Counselors’ constituency leaders (such as ILRPs) who may be able to provide broader context and resource.

Co-Counselors, including RC leaders, are not required to agree with all actions or decisions made in the RC Community. If a Co-Counselor believes their issue or concern was not resolved by taking the steps in Guideline M.5. the Co-Counselor should continue to discharge on that issue in ways that do not disrupt or absorb Community resources. The issue could be raised again later, with a local RC leader. If the Co-Counselor continues to raise the issue or concern in a way that disrupts the RC Community, then a Reference Person will initiate a discussion with the individual about the conditions of their membership in the RC Community.


We want issues and concerns in the RC Community to be addressed. However, when we have addressed a situation to the extent we are able, we need to turn and continue our work on the many other issues in the RC Community. We do not want the Community’s work to be disrupted by an ongoing insistence that we pay attention to issues that have already been addressed.


[175] In RC, an attack may be either an organized attempt to disrupt the functioning of the Community or a smear of an individual. An attack is an attempt to get others to support one’s upset with a Co-Counselor or the Community. The following is not an attack: thinking that an error has been made, being upset with someone, questioning someone about their thinking, or arguing for a different point of view.

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