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K.4. RC Community E-mail Discussion Lists


The RC Community maintains e-mail discussion lists for active RC Community members. Most of these lists are for active leaders of particular constituencies. Permission from the leader in charge of the list is required to join the list and may be requested via e-mail. Messages to such lists should be limited to the topics for which the list was established.

List subscribers are required to have a subscription to Present Time, unless their first language is not English or an exception is approved by the leader in charge of the list. (A shared subscription is fine.)


RC e-mail lists are for the purpose of exchanging original, clear thinking about

  1. the work we are doing in RC;
  2. the application of RC theory and practice to the work we are doing outside of RC; and
  3. current situations in the world.

Posting Links

Co-Counselors may post a link to a non-RC source of information that directly relates to the topic of the post. A brief summary should be provided. Co-Counselors may include a link to their own writings outside of RC, including a blog. They should not actively promote their writings in their postings.

Forwarding or Copying Postings

Postings on a given list are intended only for members of that list. List postings can be shared with others only under all of these conditions:

  1. Permission from the author has been obtained.
  2. Permission has been obtained from any individuals identified in the message, or any possible identification has been removed.
  3. The posting is presented as an individual’s thinking, not as Re-evaluation Counseling theory.
  4. If a posting is duplicated and then circulated (by print or e-mail) in an RC class, the following statement is written on each page: “This is a posting from an RC discussion list. It has not been edited, checked for theoretical correctness, or approved for publication.”


Our e-mail discussion lists support our work. (Information on and guidelines for the use of the e-mail lists can be found on the RC Community website: <>.)

Lists for our liberation leaders allow them to exchange thinking and experiences about our liberation work. These leaders are writing for specific audiences. Any reposting of their writing to another list or publication needs to be carefully considered and only done with their approval. Postings to a list are meant to encourage thinking. They are not for communication to individuals not on that list, except as outlined above. Unlike RC publications, list postings are unedited and not checked for consistency with RC theory and practice. They should not be used in place of RC literature.

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