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H.7. Outreach Finances: Communities Outside the United States

Communities outside the United States shall contribute to the Community Service Fund and the Rational Island Publishers Publications Fund as described in the Guidelines above. Their Area Outreach Funds can be maintained by RCCR or by the Area itself. The Reference Person must inform the IRP where the Outreach funds are kept and who is responsible for them.

These Communities shall use Form 120A to account for the funds payable to the local Community, and Form 120B to submit yearly written reports to the IRP. Amounts payable to the Community Service Fund shall be sent annually to RCCR.[74]


Outreach funds are a major resource for developing the RC Community. We can be flexible in handling the different legal and financial situations in various countries. 

[74] If the amount payable is less than the equivalent of $100 USD, it can be held until the amount totals the equivalent of $100 USD or more.

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