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H.5. Regional and International Workshops and Gather-ins[71]

Payment to the Community Service Fund

For a Regional or International workshop or gather-in, the organizer’s budget must include a payment to the Community Service Fund of RCCR of 10% of the income, before deducting any expenses, from the fees charged for the workshop or gather-in.[72]

Completing Workshop Finances

After paying all expenses, including the 10% fee described above, and within 30 days of the workshop or gather-in, the organizer must

  1. cash all checks and process all workshop or gather-in payments;
  2. divide any extra income (net income) as follows:
    1. pay 33.33% (1/3) to the Community Service Fund of RCCR,
    2. pay 33.33% (1/3) to the Publications Fund[73] of Rational Island Publishers (RIP),
  • pay 25% (1/4) to the leader, and
  1. pay 8.34% (1/12) to the organizer;
  1. send the completed Form 400 and payment to RCCR within 30 (thirty) days of the workshop or gather-in; and
  2. send a copy of the completed Form 400 to the workshop leader.

       (See Appendix: Forms, page ___ for an example of this completed workshop finance report form.)

Unexpected Shortages at Workshops

The organizer is expected to keep track of the workshop finances before, during, and after the workshop. If it appears that the workshop will not generate enough income to cover all expenses, the organizer should announce this to the workshop and ask the participants to contribute funds to make up the shortage. If there is still a shortage, the organizer should consult with the International Reference Person (IRP).

Purpose of Funds

Funds sent to the Community Service Fund of RCCR are used to support International Outreach and the communications, operations, administration, and organizing of conferences that support the RC Community as a whole.


This is a convenient collection point for the Community’s Outreach Funds. The procedures described lessen restimulations about accounting for the funds, help compensate leaders and organizers for handling larger workshops and gather-ins, and support the International Outreach and Publications Funds.

[71] This Guideline has the force of a requirement.

[72] This is a fee for the use of the terms “Re-evaluation Counseling” and ”RC,” which are trademarks owned by RCCR.

[73] The Publications Fund of Rational Island Publishers (RIP) provides resource for RIP to produce the publications of the Re-evaluation Counseling Community.

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