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E.7. Area Membership Meetings

An Area membership meeting is to be held at least twice a year. The purpose of the meeting is to review progress and reach consensus on long-range policies, plans, and goals for the Area. All Community members are to be included or at least the ARP, the AARP, the Area leaders, and representatives of Area classes.

During at least one of the two (2) Area membership meetings held each year, the ARP is encouraged to undertake self-estimation [see Note II, Self-Estimation, on page ___] and be confirmed by the group, or not, as ARP.


A regular forum is needed for communicating about and making decisions on policies, goals, and actions and for reviewing progress. This will lead to unity and forward movement.

Self-estimation helps leaders be accountable to the Community and move forward. It encourages leaders to respond to the intelligence of the entire Community and encourages everyone to take a responsible attitude toward leaders.

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