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D.3. Assistant Teachers

Where possible, teachers shall have assistant teachers. The assistant teacher should be someone the teacher would like to have as a Co-Counselor and believes will develop into a good RC teacher. Whenever possible, assistant teachers shall

  1. have participated in at least one RC class series or have learned RC one-to-one;
  2. Co-Counsel effectively with other Co-Counselors;
  3. have regular Co-Counseling sessions;
  4. discharge in their sessions;
  5. read RC literature and counsel on any distress that makes that difficult;
  6. have good relationships with local Co-Counselors, including the teacher;
  7. be able to think about and support[39] the teacher;
  8. understand the purpose of the no-socializing policy and follow it; and
  9. move against any addictive behaviors.


Training assistant teachers is an important role of the RC teacher. Having more than one leader thinking about class members adds resource and strengthens the class. In addition, assistant teachers can provide important support for the teacher, including by helping with the training of additional new teachers. Being an assistant teacher is an important part of an RC teacher’s development. When an assistant teacher thinks about and supports a teacher, it provides a good example of working together and is a contradiction against isolation.

[39] Support of a leader means thinking about the leader and helping with the leader’s work.

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