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D.1. Certification of RC Teachers

Certification Required

Individual Co-Counselors who wish to teach Re-evaluation Counseling (RC) classes may only do so when they are prepared and competent. Their judgment needs to be checked and supported by the RC Community.

Application to Teach

Co-Counselors wanting to teach RC must apply for permission to the Area Reference Person (ARP) in the Community where they live. The ARP will then consult with other teachers and the International Reference Person (IRP) (and the Regional Reference Person [RRP], where one has been designated).

An application should be made in writing and formally discussed. The ARP and the IRP (and the RRP, where one has been designated) review each application. All of them need to approve it before permission is granted. Permission is granted to teach in that Area only. Prospective teachers who live in localities where no ARP exists are to apply to the IRP (and the RRP, where one exists). All teachers need to be made aware of the requirements for teachers contained in the Guidelines.

Teaching Credential

A teacher is initially given permission to teach one class series. After they have satisfactorily completed one class series, they may apply for a full teaching credential.[31] If a teacher no longer meets the requirements for being a teacher, the IRP and the ARP and/or RRP should consider suspending the teaching credential.

Inactive Teachers

Teachers who have not taught for at least one year can only resume teaching with the approval of the IRP (and the RRP, where one has been designated) and the ARP of the Area where the classes will be taught.

Suspension of Credentials

The credentials of an RC teacher may be suspended by the following procedures:

  1. Where there is no RRP or ARP, by the IRP
  2. Where there is no RRP, by either the ARP or the IRP
  3. Where there is an RRP but no ARP, by either the RRP or the IRP
  4. Where there is an RRP and an ARP, by the agreement of any two of the following: ARP, RRP, IRP


We continue having too few RC teachers to satisfy the requests for classes. However, we do need to make sure that teachers are sufficiently prepared and clear in what they are teaching.

Teachers who have been inactive need to keep informed of the constantly growing theory and practice of RC.

An agreed-upon procedure is needed for suspending teaching credentials when individuals no longer meet teacher requirements.

[31] A teaching credential grants an applicant permission to teach RC. It requires the approval of the Area Reference Person (ARP), International Reference Person (IRP), and Regional Reference Person (RRP) (where one has been designated).



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