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C.1. Basic Content of Meetings of Co-Counselors

All meetings of Co-Counselors—support groups, classes, workshops, gather-ins,[17] working groups, conferences, and so on—should include

  1. a review of existing theory;
  2. sharing of new theory; and
  3. counseling to help participants re-emerge from distress recordings.


RC theory is very different from the rigid content of our distress recordings. Therefore, we require continual reminders of our theory. Without these reminders, our perspectives can be contaminated, diluted, and degraded by our individual distress recordings and the patterns in our society.

We communicate new theory as rapidly as possible to equip Co-Counselors for more effective re-emergence.

Working together for each individual’s re-emergence should be part of all our activities. It is the central purpose of our Community.

[17] A gather-in is a meeting of a half-day or less on a specific topic. It includes an RC theory presentation or report-back from an RC workshop or conference and time for discharge. It may also include an opening and closing circle, discussion, and/or small groups.

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