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B.2. Creating Opportunities to Interest People in RC

We believe that people in our lives would benefit from knowing RC theory and practice. We often have opportunities to share some of what we know. For example, we can

  1. play with their young people, and explain to both the adults and the young people why we play the way we do;
  2. talk about how we have handled difficulties similar to the ones they are struggling with;
  3. offer to listen as they think aloud about handling a troubling situation, then ask them to also listen to us;
  4. share information about liberation theory and how oppression and internalized oppression can impact us;
  5. after listening, thoughtfully disagree with the negative feelings they have about themselves and others; and
  6. talk about something we’ve learned in RC that is relevant to their situation.


We cannot expect everyone to come into RC. However, we don’t need to wait to provide people with some ideas and methods for improving their lives and changing society. How we do things can also make them aware of the usefulness of what we know and, as it makes sense, help them learn Co-Counseling.

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