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A.2. The Nature of Relationships in the RC Community

All members of the RC Community are peers. Nobody is more valuable than anyone else. We seek to value and respect each other’s essential humanness, without reservation, and use discharge to free ourselves from any old hurts that interfere with this goal.


This commitment to peer relationships follows from our theory and is also of great importance practically.

An individual may fill a special role in the Community because that individual

  1. has more Co-Counseling knowledge and experience;
  2. communicates more effectively than another at a given time; and/or
  3. has more awareness or is more rational in a particular area.

None of this changes the fact that we are peers.

People play special roles only because of ability and acceptance of responsibility, not because of position, title, or prestige. We do not want to have any patterns of hierarchy, professionalism, or leaders-versus-followers in our Community.

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