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A.1. What Is the RC Community?

The Re-evaluation Counseling (RC) Community is made up of people who participate in and take responsibility for RC activities on the local and International level. (See Guideline A.4., Membership of the Community.) We think of our Community[1] in three ways:

  1. As an International network of people who are regaining access to our innate humanness[2] by using a process called Co-Counseling

  2. As a network of local RC Communities, groups, and classes

  3. As a group of people who wish to offer the tools of RC to all people everywhere in a common effort to regain our innate humanness


The main purpose of our Community is to offer each person the opportunity to regain their humanness by using Co-Counseling, discharge, and re-evaluation. Our basic role with each other is to exchange counseling. All classes, groups, and Communities exist to support and extend the network of Co-Counselors. We work together to make RC theory[3] and practice available to all humans. Both Co-Counseling and our Community have profound implications for the rest of the world.

[1] Community is capitalized throughout this document when it refers to the RC Community.

[2] Humanness refers to what RC theory, based on our practice, describes as the nature of humans when we are not under the effects of distress recordings. This includes having flexible intelligence, a sense of connection, a caring and cooperative nature, and a zest for life.

[3] RC theory is a summary of information gained from the experiences of Co-Counselors that guides the practice of RC. It allows us to relate our individual experiences to what has already been experienced. We also build on our theory as we try and learn new things. As we reveal contradictions in our practice, our knowledge grows and our theory continues to develop.

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