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Racism and the Collapsing Society, Barbara Love and Tim Jackins, June 7, 2020

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New Online Workshop Guidelines Modifications


Women and Climate Justice

Azadeh Khalili 


Connect with each individual during the first 15 minutes as people are arriving


Language liberation

Honoring Indigenous people


5 minutes:

Intro: SAL/UER—Project of RC;

Expressing feelings and releasing emotions frees us from feelings that pull us down and frees up our thinking to better engage in the climate crisis.


2 minutes

Who is in the room?

Raise your hand if you are involved in the women’s movement or gender equity movement

Climate activists, working on climate change?


3 minutes

Paired listening introduction:  turn to your neighbor, who you are, where from, connection to climate change as a female or male?


20 minutes  -

Women and climate crisis

3 - 5 major points:

The climate emergency disproportionately impacts women and the essential work that we do.

  • Women have lower socioeconomic status and power than men, so disasters leave us worse off.
  • Multiple oppressions multiply the impact.
  • The climate crisis creates societal instability, which increases rape and other violence against women.
  • Women’s intelligence and understanding of the importance of relationships need to be at the center of climate solutions.
  • Sexism, male domination, and artificial divisions between white women and women of color are huge obstacles to ending climate change


6 minutes

Listening exchange:  3 minutes listening to your partner vent, then your turn.


15 minutes -

Panelist 1 – Personal story

Panelist 2 –African Heritage

Panelist 3 – Asian Chinese

Panelist 4 – Female, White, OC

Panelist 5 – Young woman, decision to have a child


6 minutes mini sessions

3 minutes on what you’ve heard, what resonates?


10 minutes

Tools of RC and Demo with a woman

We want women to be in the forefront of climate movement

What feelings do you run into if you try to be hopeful about bring this about?


5 minutes

If small enough group, some new thought you will go forward with.

If too big, 1 minute each with partner, what you will take away.

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