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Racism and the Collapsing Society, Barbara Love and Tim Jackins, June 7, 2020

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Women, Climate Emergency and the Economy

Azadeh Khalili


Connect with each individual during the first 15 minutes as people are arriving, Welcome, explain Language liberation

5 minutes: Intro: SAL/UER—Project of RC;

Expressing feelings and releasing emotions frees us from feelings that pull us down and frees up our thinking to better engage in the climate crisis.

Talk about the possible role we women could play in creating a new economy. 

2 minutes: Who is in the room?

Raise your hand if you are involved in the women’s movement or gender equity movement

Climate activists, working on climate change?

3 minutes: Paired listening introduction:  turn to your neighbor, who you are, where from, connection to climate change as a female or male?

20 minutes: Women and climate change and capitalism

3 - 5 major points:

Women are disproportionately impacted by climate change and sexism, racism, and classism. Women’s voices and leadership are key in the fight for climate justice and creating a sustainable economic system that is free of all forms of oppression.

6 minutes; Listening exchange:  3 minutes listening to your partner vent, then your turn.

15 minutes:

  • young women and climate change
  • Women’s internalized oppression, devaluing of women’s work and climate change

 6 minutes: mini sessions

3 minutes: what you’ve heard, what resonates?  

10 minutes

Tools of RC and Demo with a woman

We want women to be in the forefront of climate movement and building a new economy.

What feelings do you run into if you try to be hopeful about bring this about? 

5 minutes

If small enough group, some new thought you will go forward with.

If too big, 1 minute each with partner, what you will take away.

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