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Pakikinigang Magkapwa: Sharing Our Stories to Build and Unite Toward Climate Resiliency and Justice

Teresa Enrico, Cecilia Lim, Ana Liza Caballes 

Overview of Workshop:

Indigenous people have occupied the Pacific Islands for thousands of years, living sustainably with the environment. The climate crisis threatens our very existence. In the Philippines, creative projects center on the mutually beneficial relationship between the natural environment and people, such as mangrove forests sheltering coastlines, artificial corals that have brought back fish, and sea turtle sanctuaries. Time and again, internal and external barriers thwart the work. Because of colonization, racism, genocide and militarization, the Pacific takes repeated hits of environmental destruction. The Climate Crisis is a marker of the effects of oppression.  We can’t address one without looking at the impact of the other.

The workshop brings together frontline people working to address climate change impacts and their allies. Participants will:

· Hear and share stories from Filipino fisherfolks, farmers and women whose well-being depends on resolving the climate crisis.   

· Learn peer counseling tools to develop mutual support networks, including tools and practice to

§ build individual internal resilience and community-wide strength,

§ disrupt the impact of oppression that impedes our collaborative work,

§ do the emotional labor required to restore cooperative relationships,

§ act decisively to turn the tide of the climate crisis.

·  Learn how to replicate the project and use the tools of Sustaining All Life (SAL) to empower people in their communities and organizations


Total Time: 90 minutes




20 mins


Welcome, greet, music

10 min

Teresa & AL

1. Welcome

2. Native People and Native Land and occupation: (displaced people we are, acknowledge; ask permission;)

3. Introduce self, Workshop Team and UER/SAL

4. Talk about language liberation;

a. SAL/UER perspective on language oppression and domination; interpreting; 20 minutes of silence

b. Our workshop title/Tagalog; Significance;

5. Describe our goals in this workshop and what we will do today.

6. Brief description of RC, UER/SAL,  and RC’s work on environment and racism/colonization.

10 Min


Mini-session 2 minutes each way:

Introducing this basic tool of RC/UER/SAL

Explain roles of listener and speaker and the healing effect of being listened to.

Q: What is your connection to the Philippines, Pacific Islands and Climate Change?

Debrief:  have 2-3 people share with whole group

5 min


Intro to Context;  + 3 people Panel ~5-7 min each

Intro to historical, current conditions; some statistics about impact of climate change.  The hopefulness and the challenges of the harsh reality; Our connection to the panelists speaking today.  Why we know them and invited them to be a part; Importance of their work, their minds; support;

Introduce each panel member in turn, describing what they will speak about.

Each speaker describes

1.     Who they are; their connection to the Islands; 

2.     A sentence or two about how oppression and climate change has affected their people.

3.     Describes current conditions of their communities, Islands;

4.     Describe what has worked, what are the challenges in their work;.

5-7 min

Panelist 1



Optional Paired Listening (2 mins each)

5-7 min

Panelist 2



Optional Paired Listening (2 mins each)

5-7 min

Panelist 3


Optional Paired Listening (2 mins each)


Panelist 4


10 mins


Q & A for Speakers or asking speakers re: our SAL/UER vision and its relationship to their work; what difference would unity bring?

5 min


Our vision and Project in the Islands; Building a united, worldwide movement of individuals, organizations that are working to end oppression (racism, colonization, militarism, all oppressions) and end the degradation of the environment;

We want and need everyone; invitation to join with us in using these tools (in your work, joining ours).

5 Min


Paired listening 2 min @

Q:  What role do you want to play;  How would you like to join us in this vision; What is your vision for yours and our future?

Summary--the role RC Tools will have in reaching your vision;

5 min


Highlights from mini--everyone share or only 3-4 people?

5 min


Announcements (Support Group Following; other SAL/UER events; NYC and other contacts; Delegates and Volunteers in the room)





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