SAL/UER November Online Events on the Climate Emergency

This November, COP26 was due to take place in Glasgow. To mark this moment, the COP26 Coalition in Glasgow is hosting From the Ground Up - a global gathering providing the space to educate, strategize and co-ordinate, to build power and connect within our global justice movements. The Global Gathering will discuss the need for a Global Green New Deal and work towards a global plan of action to create the change we need from the ground up. SAL/UER is offering nine events during this event, including two events at the Global Gathering itself.  Register for Global Gatherin events here. Register for all other SAL/UER events at the links below.

"From the Ground Up" Festival Trailer is an excellent introduction to the Global Gathering.

  SAL/UER Workshops and Forums Coinciding with From the Ground Up: Global Gathering for Climate Justice

Thursday November 12th: Eliminating the Effects of Racism in Climate Activism (1 – 3 pm EST, 6 – 8 pm GMT) (interpreted into French) (flyer with registration link)

Friday November 13th: Voices of Frontline Communities Forum (1 - 3.30 pm EST / 6 - 8.30 pm GMT) (Interpreted into Spanish, French, Hungarian) (flyer with registration link)

Sunday November 15th: Jews and Climate Justice: Building a United Front (12 pm - 2 pm EST / 5 – 7 pm GMT)) (interpreted into Spanish and Hebrew) (flyer with registration link)

Youth at the Forefront of the Climate Movement (2 – 4 pm EST / 7 - 9 pm GMT) (flyer with registration link)

Monday November 16th: War and Climate Change (1 – 2.30 pm EST / 6 – 7.30 pm GMT) (interpreted into Arabic and possibly French) (flyer with registration link)

Saturday November 14: SAL/UER with From the Ground Up: Global Gathering for Climate Justice

Fast Facts for Fast Fashion (8.30 – 9.30 am EST / 1.30 – 2.30 pm GMT) (English only) (flyer with registration link)

Self and Collective Care for Transformational Change (1 – 2.30 pm EST / 6 – 7.30 pm GMT) (English only) (co-presenting with Greenpeace) (flyer with registration link)

SAL/UER Events During the G20 Summit (November 21-22)

Saturday 21st: Expressing Climate Grief (2 – 4 pm EST / 7 – 9 pm GMT) (interpreted into French and Spanish) (flyer with registration link)

Sunday 22nd: How to Lead Listening Circles: (5 – 7 am EST / 10 am - 12 pm GMT) (interpreted into Hindi) (flyer with registration link)

 An hour long, optional listening circle/support group will be offered after most workshops (not the forum).

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