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Sustaining All Life/United to End Racism Events Earth Day 2021

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Making a Climate for Families (April 18, 12-2pm New York, 5-7pm Glasgow, 7-9pm Nairobi)
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A space for young people and parents, teachers and allies, to have fun while we look at climate change and think together about how we will make the world we dream of possible.  Parents know our children need clean and healthy air, water, food, and a place to live that is safe from floods, fires, and ever-more extreme weather. Our children deserve a future. However, that future is threatened by climate change.



No Human Enemies (April 20th, 11am-1pm New York, 4-6pm Glasgow, 6-8pm Nairobi)
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Addressing the climate crisis requires broad and powerful coalitions.  However, oppression continually divide and separate people, making it harder to create and sustain these coalitions. In this workshop, we will move beyond the concept of “enemies” which fuels every form of separation.



Jews and Climate Justice: Building a United Front (April 21, 11am-1pm New York, 4-6pm Glasgow, 6-8pm Nairobi) (Interpreted into Spanish & Hebrew)
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Jews have a long history of bold action for justice. To create a sustainable future, we Jews must build alliances with all people. We need to understand and heal from the damage done by our long history of anti-Semitism, racism, and genocides in order to build the relationships we need for a powerful, united movement.



The Emotional Burdens of Oppression and the Climate Crisis (April 22, 3-5pm New York, 8-10pm Glasgow)(Interpreted into French)
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Experiencing and learning about the impact of oppression on human lives, and the ways that oppression exacerbates climate change and its impact on people in vulnerable communities leaves us all with emotional burdens of grief, sadness and even despair. Having a chance to feel and heal these emotions can unleash our initiative and thinking to be able to more effectively address the climate crisis.



Sustaining Ourselves as Activists and Organizers (April 24th, 3-5pm New York, 8-10pm Glasgow)(Interpreted into French)
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To build and sustain a strong environmental movement, we need to have a place to share about the impact of the climate emergency on ourselves and about any discouragement we feel about taking action. We can share our passion for our work as we learn tools to support our climate activism.



Eliminating the Effects of Racism in Climate Activism (April 25th, 1-3pm New York, 6-8pm Glasgow)
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Racism has had a deeply damaging and divisive effect on everyone. It shapes and perpetuates the inequities of our society. Understanding and healing the effects of racism on us as individuals is a necessary step in creating a movement that can sustain all life and restore the environment.

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