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Hi Diane,

A little report from in Australia - my perspective ... Here we are in middle of winter and in NSW we have 100% drought.  Last week there were 60 bushfires raging. Farmers have no feed for their animals and hay is being trucked across the country.
Many farmers are STILL in denial about CC even so!
We have a national government about to fall apart because the prime minister tried to put through a  meagre policy to limit emissions and reduce power costs and the far right wingers are about to bring him undone.  They want to keep digging up coal and some want to pull out of the Paris agreement. As well as climate change they're super mean about other key issues: refugees, gay marriage, Aboriginal issues etc
Locally I'm busy with a lively uprising of community concerned about a very poor land use planning proposal our local council are   about (hopefully not if we can help it) to make. It keeps hopelessness at bay being so busy! and is interesting to see people stepping up about a local issue.
We have a national organisation called GetUp! which campaigns - (mostly online) about progressive issues. GetUp has 1 million members which is 1/25th of our population. With a couple of others I am just organising a local chapter where we can meet face to face and I'm thinking about how to make that group work to build community as GetUp campaigns on national issues. Interestingly GetUp staff are mostly YA and thirty something year olds but a large majority of members are older.
Ann Porcino RCer from Sydney has worked with a group of organisations consulting widely for more than two years. They have just launched their vision statement   It is hopeful and upliftingly thoughtful. I got to go to the launch 2 weeks ago.
love to you and for all you do

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