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I am living in Norway, in the north of Europe. Last summer it was a very cold and wet summer, and it was difficult for the farmers to harvest in the autumn because of the wet areas on their field.  I heard on the radio a farmer talking about the root vegetables.  They could be eaten fresh, but there were drowned so they could not be stored. Normally these vegetables are fine to be stored all through the winter and the next spring.

The winter after this, last winter was the coldest and longest lasting I ever have experienced. Much snow and very cold. I understood from reading that the stabel cold that usually is over Arctic are hold in place by a circulating wind. The wind had mowed, and staid stable here where I live. The south of Norway was inside this circulating wind.. Arctic was much warmer than here.

Between winter and summer the snow was melting so fast that it was flooding many places.

The summer arrived suddenly. Usually we have 3 months of slowly coming spring, which is a wonderful time. This year it was almost no spring. We jumped right in to summer. In the 20 May I was swimming in the sea, with normal summer temperature of 20 degrees Celsius.  Usually my first swim is a month later, and then normally 15 - 16 degrees. This summer har been extremely warm and dry. The farmers consider it a disaster with very low result.   It has been a lot of wild fires ( hundreds of them) which we usually do not have at all. Norway normally looks green, but this year the summer has been yellow and dry.  The farmers are not prepared for the extremely amount of rain last summer, and the missing rain this summer.  They usually are not equipped for watering their plants.

I wish for all of us a future stable climate, so we can know what to expect, and prepare for that.


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