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Africa and Global Warming: My RC Teleconference Workshop Experience in Abuja

Life in Africa is challenged by the increase of global warming.
The RC Abuja community Nigeria, has began the greatest impact of a lifetime. Sensitizing its community, especially the young generation on effects of global warming and its negative impact.
Climate change in Africa has taken more measures than most continents. The greatest fear facing West Africa particularly Nigeria and her neighboring countries is the ongoing construction of petroleum refinery in Lagos, led by Dangote’s Group, the largest refinery in West Africa.
The negative contribution of this refinery to the health and lives of citizens in Nigeria and lives of neighboring countries is at risk, considering of the high level of congestion in Lagos, which has currently increased to compare to the past years. Which has contributed the increase of the high rate of environmental pollution from fossil fuels, water pollution from numerous companies, causing damages to our Sea Foods.
The exploration of sea food in Nigeria has dropped. The rate of water pollution within the sea, has caused the numerous loss of sea food, within the key contributing states.
Currently, agriculture in Nigeria is experiencing higher rate in decrease of agricultural produce, due to the effects of climate change on rain circulation within the country.
States in the northern part of Nigeria are facing huge challenges of climate change which has affected the lives of cattle herders, causing a numerous clash between farmers and cattle herders in other parts of Nigeria.
In conclusion, Federal Governments in Africa should pay more attention to innovations that could cub the high rate of problems on climate change in Africa and also establish a Regulatory Bodies that could manage the defects of fossil fuels, gas flair and the environmental pollution within the country.
RC Abuja community is among communities in Nigeria making a great impact in shaping the minds of the younger generation to the benefits of living everyday life on a secured future.
By Ezemba Ikemdinachukwu Ephraim 
RC Abuja Community

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