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Report on Co-Counseling Sessions

Reports on Co-Counseling sessions help clients examine their progress as clients and counselors and get help with any difficulties. All class members benefit from taking part in and observing the reports.

We have an agreement that what is said in a Co-Counseling session is confidential and is not referred to again without permission. However, for everyone’s learning, it is useful to be able to discuss what went well and what was difficult in a Co-Counseling session. Ask each pair to consider revealing enough of the content of a session to answer the following questions.

Person A:
What does B do well as counselor?
How have you benefited from counseling with B? Where could B improve as a counselor?

Then switch and ask Person B these same questions.

What do you, A, do well as client?
What could you improve on as a client?

Then switch and ask B these same questions.

It can also be useful to simply ask each counselor what they value about counseling/clienting with their partner and what they find difficult or challenging in counseling/clienting with their partner.


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