The Human Side of Human Beings

The Theory of Re-evaluation Counseling
by Harvey Jackins


  • The Re-emergent Human (a poem)


  • What to expect

Background Insights Into Reality and Humans

  • Life versus Non-living Matter
  • The Human Difference
  • The Operational Procedures of Intelligence
  • How Much Intelligence?
  • A Schematic Diagram
  • Other Inherent Characteristics

Distress Patterns

  • The Source of Damage
  • The Mis-storage Process
  • The First Bad Effect of Mis-storage
  • The Second Bad Result
  • The "Snowballing" of Distress
  • The Early Beginnings of Damage
  • The Extent of the Adult's Loss
  • How Distress Patterns Become Chronic
  • A Rational Explanation for Irrational Behavior
  • Open Doors for the Child

The Recovery Process

  • The Recovery Process
  • What Has Kept the Recovery Processes from Operating
  • People Never Stop Trying
  • The Process Works for All
  • Learning to Use the Theory


  • Looking Ahead
  • After Thirteen Years
  • After Twenty-Nine Years
  • After Fifty-Six Years

The Human Side of Human Beings

  • An Audio Introduction by Harvey Jackins

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