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Antisemitism in the Current Period
A talk by Cherie Brown, the International Liberation Reference Person for Jews (2023)

$6 Digital      CD for special requests

The Liberation of the Middle Class
A talk by Seán Ruth, the International Liberation Reference Person for Middle-Class People (2011)

$10 CD         $6 Digital

Talks from the 2011 Ottawa Workshop
Talks by Tim Jackins (3-CD set in French and English)

$25 CD         $15 Digital

Communications à l'atelier Ottawa 2011 par Tim Jackins
Entretiens de Tim Jackins (coffret de 3 CD en français et en anglais)

$25 CD         $15 Numérique

Challenging the Limits of Internalized Racism
A talk by Barbara Love, the International Liberation Reference Person for African-Heritage People (2010)

$10 CD         $6 Digital

The Importance of Harvey Jackins
Harvey was the first International Reference Person and his teachings formed the basis of Re-evaluation Counseling. Tim Jackins, Diane Balser, Lorenzo Garcia, Barbara Love, Steve Thompson, Jenny Sazama, and Mike Ishii share their experiences with Harvey.

$10 CD         $6 Digital

Affection, Love, and Sex
A talk by Harvey Jackins at the University of Maine (1977)

$10 CD only

Transcripts of all CDs and DVDs are available as a comprehension aid, at no cost, for people for whom English is not their first language.

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