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September 17-23
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September 22
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Women Reclaiming Our Physical Power
Teresa Enrico
September 30 or
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We Want to Live: Our Water, Art & Climate Justice Movements Webinar

Want to explore creative possibilities for using co-counseling towards strengthening wide world relationships, art making and deepening unity in climate justice movements?

Join us for a webinar to learn more about Sustaining All Life's latest project, the Tubig Artists at the Center. We'll share our experience in using co-counseling to make space to be more ourselves, bring our friends and family closer to us and take on the climate crisis in creative, connected and fun ways. We'll share new resources we've developed, our successes, challenges and upcoming opportunities.

led by Ana Liza (AL) Caballes
Art, Climate Justice & Wide World Social Change RC leader

organized by Nikki Berry (
assisted by Jacinta O'Reilly
tech team led by Amanda Ayala
interpretation coordination by Annie Potter (

Saturday, August 20, 2022
1:00pm - 3:00pm EDT Webinar
3:00pm - 4:00pm EDT co-create circle**
Register by August 17th to join a co-create circle.

Please use the timezone converter for support.


1 year RC experience, regular class attendance
and ARP/RRP approval is required.

$0 to $50 USD fee

We understand that oppression makes access to money unequal. Pay only what you can. Consider paying using the following sliding scale suggestion based on your current class status: $0-$15 poor+working class, $16-$30 middle class, $31-$50+ owning class. Your fee will help the work that RCCR does to support our International community.

Payment details:


Interpretation in French

Additional languages may be made available based on need and capacities. Please contact Annie Potter ( to make a request and offer support for interpretation in zoom channels. 


**About Co-Create Circles 

Co-create circles will follow immediately after the webinar. Participation in the co-creating circles is optional but completing the registration form below is required to participate (please complete the "co-create circles" section of the application). Co-create circles have been used by the Sustaining All Life Tubig Artists at the Center team. 

  • After the webinar, co-counselors have the opportunity to experience the co-creating format using the SAL "going public" format and language.

  • Co-creating circles include short listening exchanges, think and listens and shared group time to creatively think about and/or make art towards supporting climate justice movements.

  • Everyone is welcome! Co-counselors do not need to identify as an artist or activist to participate.

  • If you decide to sign-up, the team asks you make a commitment to attend the co-creating circle, which requires additional thinking, care and organizing. 

  • Please register by August 17th to ensure your space in a co-creating circle.

Artwork co-created by AL Caballes, Amanda Ayala and Nikki Berry as part of the SAL Tubig Artists at the Center.



This event may be recorded on Zoom by the organizer or by someone who is unauthorized.  Organizers are asked to announce whether they will record the webinar. If you wish to be considered to be in a panel or demonstration that is recorded, you must read and agree to this statement.

I have been advised:

  1. That this RC event may be recorded on Zoom,
  2. That I am not required to appear or speak in the meeting,
  3. That I have the option of turning off my camera and only using my first name or alias on the screen so that my image and full name will not appear on any video,
  4. That if a recording is made by the organizers, it may be distributed within the RC Community or posted to one of the RC websites,
  5. That if I choose to participate in an identifiable way by speaking during the webinar, using my full name, or being part of a demonstration or panel, that I authorize the use of any recording as described in #4,
  6. I understand that it is possible that a video (as with anything appearing on the internet) could be used for purposes not authorized by or under the control of the RC Community.