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World Conference Literature Sale           August 7 to 21

How to Fundraise: Webinar Sunday, August 7

SAL Fundraiser: Webinar Sunday, August 28

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Second Annual Fundraiser for Sustaining All Life

"Fair Share"

in the Climate Emergency:

Funding from the

Global North to

Solve the Climate Crisis



Janet Kabue
Nairobi, Kenya (SAL delegation leader to COP27)

Iliria Unzueta
Mexico City, Mexico (SAL delegation leader to COP27)

Diane Shisk
Washington, USA (SAL delegation organizer for COP27)

Mike Markovits
Connecticut, USA (Leader on Money Matters)

Rudy Nickens
Missouri, USA (Board, Re-evaluation Foundation)


Sunday, August 28

10 - 11:30am PDT/Seattle,  12 - 1:30pm CDT/Mexico

1 - 2:30pm EDT/Boston,  6 - 7:30pm BST/London

8 - 9:30pm EAT/Nairobi

use Time Zone Converter if needing to find your time


RCers are encouraged to bring someone (who is not in RC) to the fundraiser. Plan to talk to them about SAL before and after the fundraiser and personally ask for a donation.  Who could you bring?  Discharge about it in a mini-session!

You can also help by telling your Co-Counselors that you are attending and encourage them to also invite a friend and register.  (However, you do not have to bring someone to attend.)

If you would like to organise interpretation for a specific language, please contact Katrina. The webinar will be in English and portions will be interpreted into French, Spanish and Kikuyu at different times.

More information to follow...


Organizer: Katrina Wild



This event may be recorded on Zoom by the organizer or by someone who is unauthorized.

You are not required to appear or speak in the meeting. 

You have the option of turning off your camera and only using your first name or alias on the screen so that your image and full name will not appear on any video.

If a recording is made by the organizers, it may be distributed within the RC Community or posted to one of the RC websites.

If I choose to participate in an identifiable way by speaking during the fundraiser or using my full name I authorize the use of any recording as described above.

I understand that it is possible that a video (as with anything appearing on the internet) could be used for purposes not authorized by or under the control of the RC Community.