RC Webinar

Jews and Disability
(for all Jews)

led by

David Ruebain:
International Liberation Reference Person
for People with Disabilities

Cherie Brown:
International Liberation Reference Person
for Jews

This webinar is for all Jews, whether or not you currently, or have ever, identified as disabled.  Disability oppression  impacts all of us.  It is also an oppression that plays out in unique ways amongst Jews.   We will look at and discharge on the intersection of disability oppression and Jewish oppression.

Sunday, June 4

4 - 6pm  BST/London

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📋 Organizer: Fiona Frank


Fee: $0 - $50 USD

We understand that oppression makes access to money unequal. Pay only what you can. Paying $0 is fine. If you can pay, most of your fee will help the work that RCCR does to support our International community. 

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