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Women Reclaiming Our Physical Power
Teresa Enrico
September 30 or
October 1

September 17-23

RC Webinar / Webinaire de la co-écoute

Elder Liberation for Everyone:
Elders, Future Elders, and
those who Love Elders

La libération des aînés pour toutes et tous :
Aînés, futurs aînés et
ceux qui aiment les aînés

led by / dirigé par

Jerry Ann Yoder:
International Liberation Reference Person
for Elders

Personne de référence  internationale pour la libération
pour les aînés

Saturday, July 8: 
7 - 9pm (New York/EDT)
Sunday, July 9: 
11 - 1pm (New York/EDT)

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Fee: $0 - $50 USD / 0 $ - 50 $ USD de frais

We understand that oppression makes access to money unequal. Pay what you can. Your fee will help the work that RCCR does to support our international community.

Nous comprenons que l'oppression rend l'accès à l'argent inégal. Payez ce que vous pouvez. Votre cotisation contribuera au travail que le RCCR accomplit pour soutenir notre communauté internationale.

Please send the money to Bob Romero, if at all possible, in one of several ways:

Veuillez envoyer l'argent à Bob Romero, si possible, de l'une des manières suivantes :

• Send it via PayPal. My ID is

• Envoyez-le via PayPal. Mon identifiant est

Please do not choose Send to a Friend or Send to Friends abroad so that I do not run afoul of new IRS rules. Please add an extra 3.125% (=1.03125 times the amount you wish to pay) to cover what PayPal will charge for the transaction. 

Veuillez ne pas choisir Envoyer à un ami ou Envoyer à des amis à l'étranger afin de ne pas enfreindre les nouvelles règles de l'IRS. Veuillez ajouter un supplément de 3,125 % (=1,03125 fois le montant que vous souhaitez payer) pour couvrir les frais de transaction de PayPal. 

• Send it via Venmo, if you use this app on your smartphone, to @Robert-Romero-44Note, be sure to include the hyphens. If you are asked for a phone number, that is not necessary.

• Envoyez-le via Venmo, si vous utilisez cette application sur votre smartphone, à @Robert-Romero-44 . N'oubliez pas d'inclure les traits d'union. Si l'on vous demande un numéro de téléphone, ce n'est pas nécessaire.

• Send it via CashApp, if you use this app on your smartphone, to $BobRomero.

• Envoyez-le via CashApp, si vous utilisez cette application sur votre smartphone, à $BobRomero.

Payment by check is workable as a last resort. If you cannot pay electronically and are not able to have someone else pay electronically on your behalf, please mail a check made out to Bob Romero to:

• Le paiement par chèque est possible en dernier recours. Si vous ne pouvez pas payer par voie électronique et que vous ne pouvez pas demander à quelqu'un d'autre de le faire en votre nom, veuillez envoyer un chèque libellé à l'ordre de Bob Romero à l'adresse suivante

9910 Emnora Lane
Houston, TX,  77080, USA


You can help by telling other co-counselors that you are
this webinar and encourage them to register.


📋 Organizer: Bob Romero

contact Bob if you can be tech lead


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This event may be recorded on Zoom by the organizer or by someone who is unauthorized.  Organizers are asked to announce whether they will record the webinar. If you wish to be considered to be in a panel or demonstration that is recorded, you must read and agree to this statement.

I have been advised:

  1. That this RC event may be recorded on Zoom,
  2. That I am not required to appear or speak in the meeting,
  3. That I have the option of turning off my camera and only using my first name or alias on the screen so that my image and full name will not appear on any video,
  4. That if a recording is made by the organizers, it may be distributed within the RC Community or posted to one of the RC websites,
  5. That if I choose to participate in an identifiable way by speaking during the webinar, using my full name, or being part of a demonstration or panel, that I authorize the use of any recording as described in #4,
  6. I understand that it is possible that a video (as with anything appearing on the internet) could be used for purposes not authorized by or under the control of the RC Community.