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United to End Racism Workshops Offered at United Nations World Conference Against Racism, Durban, South Africa, August 29 - September 1, 2001


Healing the Damage Caused by Racism
Freeing ourselves from the hurts we carry from experiences of racism. Participants will be introduced to methods of using each other in pairs to overcome the mental and emotional harm done by racism.
Individual workshops will be held for people in the following constituencies: Africans, African-Descendants, Asians, Arabs, Indigenous People, Mestizos/Mestizas (in Spanish and in English), and Palestinians.


The Role of Youth in Ending Racism
This workshop will focus on how youth can use paired listening and emotional release to free themselves from the effects of both racism and youth oppression.

Men Targeted by Racism
This workshop examines the particular hurts targeted at men by racism and explores ways in which they can recover by the use of each others' support, caring, and attention.


The Intersection of Racism and Anti-Jewish Oppression
This workshop will address the intersection of racism and the oppression of Jews, the work necessary for Jews and people targeted by racism to become allies, and the tools needed to do this work.

Pueblos Indigenas Liberandonos de los Efectos del Racismo
Este taller se hablará sobre las formas en que el racismo ha lastimado a los pueblos Indígenas y se practicará y dará más información sobre como utilizar las herramientas de Re-evaluation Counseling.


The Role of White People in Ending Racism
White people can stop being racist and can recover from the corruption of their lives caused by society conditioning them to be agents of racist oppression.

Steps Toward a Rational Resolution to the Conflict between the Palestinian and Israeli Peoples
This workshop, led by a Palestinian and an Israeli, will offer a perspective and a set of tools for eliminating racism and anti-Jewish oppression in order to address the conflict and reach a just solution.


Racism Compounded by Sexism
Participants will explore ways of healing from the particular hurts resulting from racism with sexism, through working in pairs to share our stories.

Ending Racism in Education
This workshop will focus on how educational institutions transmit racism and how all people can use Re-evaluation Counseling to develop alliances to eliminate racism within education.

Colonized Peoples Healing the Damage Caused by Racism
This workshop, led by a colonized woman, addresses the specific effects of colonialism and offers ways to heal from it.

Support groups give participants the opportunity to undo the stress and damage caused by racism, by taking turns listening to one another about their experiences of racism and of fighting racism.

Panelists from several NGOs will have short turns to share their experiences of racism. After the panelists speak, members of the audience (and panelists) will pair up and take turns listening to each other about their own experiences of racism, so that everyone has a chance to tell his or her own story.

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