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Fundraising for Sustaining All Life

Our goal in 2020 is to raise $100,000 toward COP26, which has been postponed until 2021.  We've had several successful fundraisers already this year in Stockholm, London, and San Francisco, and online fundraisers since COVID, altogether raising close to $25,000. 

Join Us!

Organizing a SAL fundraiser, especially as part of a team, is a fun and effective way to meet/respond to/engage with some of the objectives that Tim sets out in his Climate Change Initiative in the April 2019 Present Time as well the suggestions in the short Draft Program on Climate Change.

By organizing a SAL fundraiser, we can:

  • discharge our feelings about climate change
  • challenge distress recordings that have left us feeling powerless and alone
  • face any feelings we have about "going public" with RC, in the context of talking about climate change.
  • apply and share RC tools and insights widely
  • communicate about climate change in a way that will move people to join us in taking action

Every time the RC Communities get behind a major project like this we become more effective, creative, and unified in all of our efforts. We need your help with fundraising! We will help you think about fundraising projects that will make sense for you. This is a great opportunity to work as a team with other RCers, discharging as you go. We don't want this to be one more bit of hard work you do alone! You can do as much or as little as you like.

Please contact me to volunteer to help with fundraising:

Katrina Wild   - Fundraising Co-ordinator for Sustaining All Life 

Fundraising Guidelines

Our focus should be on individuals and institutions outside the RC Community. We do not solicit funds from Co-Counselors. We do, however, accept contributions from individual RCers who learn of our fundraising efforts.

Fundraising is most effective on a one-to-one basis with people with whom we have an existing relationship. Sharing our caring for the potential donor and basic information about RC is part of this one-to-one communication. This can be done through a letter  or through personal contact.  A sample solicitation letter that you can modify for you use is here.  

Any local fundraising activities should be planned in cooperation and consultation with the Regional Reference Person. For more information, see Guideline H.13. Assisting the Re-evaluation Foundation’s Outreach Efforts.

Individual Contributions

Donations from RCers are welcome but we do not solicit money from RCers. We do encourage RCers to reach outside of the RC Community to family, friends, co-workers, telling them about this project and asking them for a contribution. This can be an excellent excuse to talk to your family about RC and about the environment. You can make the individual solicitation through a letter or through personal contacts.  (Sample)

If you are sending a solicitation letter, we encourage you to attach a copy of the new Sustaining All Life pamphlet. We will send you a PDF of the pamphlet to use for this purpose only.  (Note that the pamphlet is available not only in English, but also in Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, Farsi, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Norwegian, Spanish, and Swedish.) To obtain the PDF, write Diane Shisk at

Fundraising Events for the Wide World and the RC Communities.

Events are a great way to raise money for Sustaining All Life. At the same time, you can use a fundraising event to communicate valuable information about RC and care of the environment.  Brainstorm with a buddy about how to do these under COVID restrictions!

1.  Hold evening or day-long pre- and post-COP26 events targeted to wide world people. Invite your friends to a “Sustaining All Life” program (see examples below).

A “Sustaining All Life” event can have any or all of the following components:

  • presentation of RC theory (see: Sustaining All Handouts to guide your presentation) including our thinking on care of the environment
  • panel of people targeted by racism explaining the greater impact experienced by communities and nations of people targeted by racism
  • short or long video presentations from the web (we have a list of useful videos) to view, discuss, and have mini-sessions about
  • mini-sessions, with basic introduction of how to do one
  • questions and answers
  • envelopes for donations

2.  Hold gather-ins or workshops within the RC Community, led by leaders who want to donate their fees

3.  Crafts, pottery, arts sale or auction (last year, In Seattle, for example, we held an auction of artwork donated by local RCers with an RC auctioneer, with an introduction to RC and SAL as part of the event)

4.  Support the work of Sustaining All Life with a $25 donation and get a wealth of clear, scientific, and factual information on the climate emergency, on your choice of a USB stick or via a WeTransfer Link. This user-friendly package of materials includes cartoons, graphics, videos, websites, SAL handouts, RC articles, wide-world articles and more, all in one place.  Useful for presentations and conversations and for discharging your way to a clearer picture of the climate emergency. You can either write to Diane Shisk to mail you a USB stick, or have the files sent to you via WeTransfer.

5.  Offering the silkscreened poster of the Sustaining All Life logo (designed by Amy Kalisher). These beautiful small posters (approximately 12x17 inches) were silk-screened by Diane Shisk, and include the words Sustaining All Life written in 34 different languages. There is also a version that says Sustaining All Life/United to End Racism, Global Climate Action Summit, San Francisco, 2018. Suggested donation: $10-$50. Email Diane Shisk if you want some for your fundraising efforts. (If you want to silkscreen them locally, she will send you the template and instructions.)

6.  Selling the beautiful t-shirts (short-sleeve and tank top) and hankies with the Sustaining All Life logo

7.  Performances by RC artists, musicians, performers, acrobats, etc., with time for an introduction to RC and SAL as part of the event 

8.  Fundraising dinner for friends, using an occasion such as a birthday or anniversary, with an introduction to RC and SAL as part of the event

9.  Bake sale, yard sale, RC Farmer's market (RCers and friends bring produce to sell) where you have information on RC, SAL, and our SAL delegation available (order some silkscreened prints to have available!) 

(For example, In Newcastle upon Tyne, England we did a SAL presentation combined with songs and an RC musician led us in a drum circle which was great fun, a local artist brought prints to sell, RCers and friends brought produce from their gardens.  We also  served tea and coffee with home made cakes.)

10.    Climate change film festival.  There are many excellent films available about climate change.  Show one a week for a month, or one every night of the week for a week or two.  Incorporate an introduction to SAL, mini-sessions, discussion.  

This year, instead of a Crowd Funding campaign, we have a "donation" webpage:  Please direct your friends there to make a donation, or you have them send a check as indicated below.

More information is available on the Re-evaluation Foundation website under Fundraising.  

What other ideas do you have? Send us your ideas.


The Re-evaluation Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions by check are typically tax-deductible for U.S. federal income tax purposes. (The check is your receipt.) Credit cards are not accepted.

1. For wide-world fundraising events, revenues go to the Re-evaluation Foundation. Checks or money orders are payable to the "Re-evaluation Foundation,” earmarked “Sustaining All Life fund.” Expenses for site, equipment, refreshments can be donated by RCers or they can be subtracted from the income. Checks should be sent to the

Re-evaluation Foundation
P.O. Box 9292
Queen Anne Station
Seattle, WA 98109 USA

2. For events within the RC Community, leaders and organizers could volunteer to donate all or part of their leadership/organizer fees. Please follow the instructions on an Area Finance Report (Form 210 for outside the U.S., Form 310 within the U.S.) or a Regional/International Workshop Finance Report (Form 400). The Leader’s fee and the Leader’s and Organizer’s portion of the Net Income go to the Re-evaluation Foundation, earmarked “Sustaining All Life Fund."


In order to avoid excessive bank transfer charges, we will handle funds raised outside the U.S. in a different manner.

Katrina Wild is coordinating fundraising outside the U.S.  Please contact her for information on where you can send your funds. 






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