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Racism and the Collapsing Society, Barbara Love and Tim Jackins, June 7, 2020

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Saturday, July 9

"Native Panel - Insight into the Current State of Native Liberation"

led by Marcie Rendon, Kerrie Johnston,

Ayana Morse, Kate Insolia

12 - 2pm CDT

Register [here]


Saturday, July 16

"Latin America and the Climate Emergency”

led by Dulce Cisneros & Malinali Casteñeda Romero

12 - 2pm EDT

Register [here]


Saturday, July 30

"Discharing White Racism Toward Africans and

Preparing to be Led by an African Woman"

led by Christine Sheppard & Russ Vernon-Jones

10 - 12pm EDT  or  2 - 4pm EDT

Register [here]


Saturday, August 7


*this webinar is free*

led by Mike Markovits

11 - 12:30pm EDT

Register [here]


Saturday, August 20

"We Want to Live:

Our Water, Art & Climate Justice Movements”

led by AL Caballes

1 - 3pm EDT

Register [here]


Sunday, August 28

Sustaining All Life Fundraiser

speaking: Janet Kabue, Iliria Unzueta

Diane Shisk, Mike Markovits, Rudy Nickens

1 - 2:30pm EDT

Register [here]


Wednesday, August 31

"Language Liberation”

led by P. Xabi Odriozola Ezeitza

5 - 7:15am EDT  or  12 - 2:15pm EDT

Register [here]


Saturday, September 17 or

Sunday, September 18

"Just Transition”

led by Tara Villalba & Joanie Parker

Register [here]


Saturday, September 17 or

Sunday, September 18

"War and Climate Change”

led by Azi Khalili & Nazish Riaz

Register [here]


Sunday, October 2

"Mental Health Liberation for Everyone”

led by Jenny Martin

5pm - 8pm BST

Register [here]


Sunday, October 23

"Class, Climate, and Collapse”

led by Seán Ruth

11am - 1pm EDT

Register [here]


Sunday, November 20

"Sexual Exploitation and Male Domination”

led by Diane Balser, Tokumbo Bodunde,

Teresa Enrico, Joel Nogic, Lorenzo Garcia

(one in the morning and one in the evening)

Register [here]


Saturday, November 26

"Climate Change in the Pacific"

led by Teresa Enrico

8 - 10:30am PST  or  6 - 8:30pm PST

Register [here]


December ___

“Allies to Chicanas/Chicanos"

led by Lorenzo Garcia and Maria Franco

Register [here]

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