A Confusing Oppression

Dear Harvey,

Your speedy, personal response to my letter confirms my deep respect for you and the organization you founded.

I would like to reiterate a point that I did not make clear in my first transmission: the exclusion of transsexual and transgendered people in the wide world and in RC points to the distress all humans experience, in one way or another, by the application of gender roles. We human beings are forced into one of two gender categories based on the most trivial of indicators, the sex organs. This arbitrary means of dividing the populace into two gender groups, which remain fixed for life, can set the stage for a lifetime of alienation and depression and frequently leads to suicide. As long as we as a society continue to support this binary system of gender, we are all responsible for the distress it perpetuates. RC, in order to maintain its foundation of inclusion, must broaden its description of categories of human identification to include the world's largest unseen minority.

About five years ago I was invited to a men's retreat in north Florida, USA. I have never felt myself to be a man, but based on my genitalia, and despite having repeatedly discharged regarding this problem of identity, I was urged to attend the retreat by the Area Reference Person. When I attempted to end the problem by pleading poverty, some generous people paid for my trip. The experience presented me with overwhelming distress and no forum in which to discharge it. Neither group, men nor women, understands what it is like to be both and neither. If this seems like a trivial matter, then I can only suggest that for one day in your office or workplace you entertain the possibility of a gender sensitivity day. For one day, all men will wear dresses, all women will wear neckties and jockstraps, and everyone will use the opposite-gendered restroom. If I am correct, the mere mention of this turnabout will demonstrate our collective distress over gender and perhaps set the stage for a discussion of the last real "new frontier."

Thank you very much for your time and attention to this matter.

"Rosie Schneider"
New Mexico, USA

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