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Reaching Out and Getting Started

I have decided that I need to recruit disabled people from the wide world and teach them the fundamentals of RC. The money from International Outreach will certainly help to advertise for disabled people, provide much needed funding for a venue, and perhaps help towards their transport costs. Thank you very much. The money will be used wisely.

Thank you, also, for thinking about the phrase 'disabled by patterns.' I, too, have tried to think of an alternative but appropriate description for this group of people. It's hard to get just the right word, isn't it? These are suggestions I have come up with so far: people debilitated by their patterns, demobilised by their patterns, immobilised by their patterns, incapacitated by their patterns, or perhaps people rendered inoperative/ineffective/ineffectual/ insensible by their patterns, people broken down by their patterns. I think the closest I have come is people paralysed by their patterns. I will keep on searching for an appropriate word or phrase.

I am filled with renewed vigour and determination and shall do my best to get a support group going for disabled people and also a group for allies. Knowing that you are supporting my efforts is an enormous contradiction to my feelings of isolation. I'll let you know how things progress.

Debbie Newton
Bristol, England

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