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Discharging Male Oppression

Over the past few weeks I have been counseling on male oppression using the role exchange method. It is amazing what is coming up-events that I was vaguely aware of but had never counseled on rigorously before. The oppression is so pervasive and so complex that I hardly ever discharged on it directly. I just functioned on top of it, both in my relationships and especially in my leadership. It has affected my life so much that I have no idea where working on it will lead, but I am excited about the possibility of discharging all that was laid on me as a male.

The San Francisco Educational Change Workshop went well. There were about fifty people, including six college students-even though it was on the same weekend as a parent workshop in the Region. The growth in the Communities over the past few years was noticeable. There is strong educational change leadership emerging.

I am feeling optimistic about the future.

Julian Weissglass
Santa Barbara, California, USA

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