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New Contacts in Cuba

We are back from Cuba and have your word about the assistance for people to go to the English workshop. It is of great help.

Spending this last month in Cuba has been economically a strain for the three of us that have gone, but it has been worth the effort. We have made a lot of contacts. The next visits will be more efficient and less expensive.

We have held many conferences. We have handed out a pamphlet about RC to universities and hospitals in three provinces: Santiago, Camagüey, and Havana. We also left some books. We found many Cubans interested in learning more.

In mid-January I think that two persons from here will go to a meeting of Latin American teachers in Camagüey. They plan to teach RC for four hours daily for five days. The following week they will do the same in Havana, with a group of "family doctors." This time their costs in Cuba will be covered.

People in Cuba still seem to want to demonstrate that a different social order than capitalism is possible. Of course that is not easy, and it's understandable that a lot of errors will be made. I think RC can be a useful tool there, maybe necessary. You yourself have written your opinion as to why past attempts at socialism have failed: because they have not been able to handle distress patterns.

Still it seems to me admirable the many good things that have been done in these attempts without anyone knowing RC. We have met many Cubans who applauded Fidel at the beginning of the revolution but who now complain about it because things have deteriorated through the "collapse of communism" around the world. An old woman, a housewife, said something that impressed me: "Very few people died during the attempt at socialism for all that has been accomplished."

I think Cuba can be a hope for the rest of the world. If people had access to real information about what is happening in Cuba, with all its faults and difficulties, many would become enthusiastic about a society without classes.

Cuba is a reference point for the rest of the Latin American world. Even though it's a poor country, it makes welcome thousands of youth from "poorer" countries to give them the possibility of an education. I think it would be worthwhile to teach RC in Cuba. It will have many repercussions in other countries. We from Spain have prepared the land and planted the first seeds. When the first plants begin to bud, I would like you, Harvey, to go in person to give some more advanced lessons. I would like to be present to see how a "norteamericano" assists Cuban people to discharge.

In your future plans, remember to save time and money to come and teach RC in Cuba.

You know that I am happy to have learned RC. Abrazos!

Eneko Landaburu, M.D.
Bilbao, Spain

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