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"Janie Appleseeds"

Several years ago I proposed that competent Co-Counselors and RC teachers who are looking for a greater variety of experiences in their lives and for exposure to other cultures than their own consider becoming "Janie Apple-seeds" of RC. Our recent experience at the United Nations Forum on Women in Beijing has generated new interest in the idea.

"Janie Appleseeds" would be experienced Co-Counselors who would take six-month or one-year "sabbaticals" under Community guidance to places in the world where RC is needed but not yet established. (We coined the term "Janie Appleseeds" to avoid too much identification with the "Peace Corps" or "missionaries." Johnny Appleseed was a USA folk hero who begged apples from established communities and planted the seeds out past the frontier in unsettled places so that later pioneers might find apple trees already in fruit when they arrived.)

Many individuals have already "planted" RC in new places this way, but usually on their own initiative or by accident. Encouragement, preparation, and Community support may work even better.

I will be glad to hear from individuals who are interested. Competence is essential, and this must be demonstrated by all-around Community-building where you are at present, to qualify you. Language, health, physical vigor, self-reliance, and emergence from any blocking patterns must be mastered in advance.

Financing can sometimes be solved. Suggestions are welcome.

Harvey Jackins

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